I'm loosing my cool....ant

Last night while oiling the bike I noticed something that worried me.

The bike has just hit 1300 miles and the coolant reserve take is nearly empty..... I never did get to see the Yarmouth fireworks this year!

Bike booked in for a check later today. Lets just hope it's nothing serious.

So it's going well

Hi All,

The weight loss is going well!

I've managed to stick to good food for the past few weeks. I've noticed an improvement and so have my friends.

I hope I loss enough weight before Christmas, because I will eat loads!

Weight loss time

So I've reached 14 stone and being that I'm 5ft 11" this puts me in the overweight category.

I've decided to take up walking again as I don't get much exercise working at my desk.

I will keep you up to date on my progress.

Drunken rod of death

So last night was very awesome! Went out with some good friends and got absolutely bungalowed. I also bumped into Seann Walsh, it was great to meet him!

Lazy b!!!!!

I can't believe I've only just woken up. I'm not sure if I'm more surprised I just woke up or that I'm writing a blog post first thing.

I suppose it's time to get up and do something useful.

What a week...

Well, it's been one busy week for me and my colleagues. It's ok though as this means we all truly deserve a beer.

It's amazing how quickly time flies when you're having fun... Yes, I just said working is fun! Deal with it!

Time now to enjoy the weekend!

Keep checking

Stuff will be posted shortly....

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